Cohn-Stone Studios
Since 1980, Michael Cohn and Molly Stone have shared a love of nature, process, materials and design as well as a commitment to creating artworks of the highest quality and innovation. Their Studio is one of the nation's foremost producers of award winning designer vases, decorative art pieces and one of a kind works of art. Their work has been exhibited throughout the U.S.A., Canada, Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, Japan and South America. Their works are included in numerous museums, corporate and private collections worldwide. New Tortoise Shell in house!! Truly GORGEOUS!!!
Click Here: Tortoise Shell & Reflecting Bowls

Pumpkin Patch
At COHN-STONE STUDIOS nature, inspiration, technical mastery and science come together at the hands of accomplished artists Michael Cohn and Molly Stone who create transcendent works of glass that inspire Collectors, Museums and Galleries around the world. Like the cycles of nature, works of art in glass emerge organically in the Studios from seasons of design, growth and production; from the seeds of an idea found in nature to mature pieces available in limited editions to the public. Cohn-Stone's award-winning and widely collected works are inspired by natural forms of leaves, fruit, flowers, birds, the human figure, creatures of the sea and the patterns of nature.
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Their Amazing Gardens
A unique feature of the San Francisco Bay Area based Cohn-Stone Studios is a Mediterranean/California style garden on-site, where inspiration flows to the minds of the artisans, and glass art finds its way back into the garden. Rare horticultural collections and displays are complimented by ever changing sculptural exhibitions. The Studios and garden are opened twice a year by coveted invitation, sought by collectors and gardeners alike.
Click Here: Fruits & Leaves

Michael Cohn
For as long as I can recall, I have made things with my hands. It is what I do. It is one of my primary forms of expression. I am also completely fascinated by fire—by its incredible power to destroy as well as to create. It is appropriate then, that I have devoted the greater part of my life to the creation of objects of glass. The act of glass making is elemental—it involves earth, air, fire and water. It is a series of choreographed steps—a firey fluid dance, of which the end result is a record of the moves of the dance frozen in motion. Even after working so closely with this material for so many years, I am still amazed that a pile of what appears to be basically sand can be shoveled into the furnace and the next day can be transformed into essentially anything ones imagination, skill and strength will allow. Physics, alchemy and magic each play a part in the process. I am inspired by the purity of the classical forms and the beauty and diversity of the natural world, as well as by the ingenuity and functionality of machinery. I derive equal satisfaction in the creation of high quality decorative and/or sculptural glasswork as well as in the design and construction of the furnaces, ovens and other equipment, which make the work possible.
Click Here: Eternal Flame, Aurora & Orion Series

Molly Stone
The design of my work is influenced by my respect and awe of the Natural world, beauty of form and color, and the inner Spirit of the moment. I choose to look towards the positive, the beautiful, and the spiritual for inspiration. I hope that my work reflects Joy, as that is how I experience working with the glass, and what I find has great importance in life. I love the process of making glass. I love the movement, the focus, and the timing that glass demands. My hands feel as though they are doing what comes naturally when I work with this material. Glass seems alive to me, hot or cold, alive and ever changing with light and with beauty. I take delight in, and learn from the glass everyday.
Click Here: Tornado Series & Molly's Birds!

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