"I am enamored with glass as a workable medium. Its ability to freeze motion and to appear liquid in a solid state intrigues me most. My driving motivation to work with glass is the process: the heat, the smoke, and the teamwork. My approach to glass stemmed out of my formal training as a potter. When I worked in clay, I had an affinity for unglazed wood-fired vessels. The rough texture invites physical contact which is the opposite with most glass objects. I am inspired by clay, a far more tactile medium, to create glass objects that invite touch and exploit the tactile quality that glass can possess." - Chris Mosey

Christopher Mosey Glass Studio

"In creating my art I wish to fuse my love for the process and my fascination with texture and surface. This aesthetic lends itself to the attraction and curiosity found in unearthed ancient vessels. These vessels have laid in the Earth and it is the Earth itself that has reworked them. What seems at first glance as erosion is actually a poetic evolution. What emerges is something even more sacred and beautiful than the original. The work that I make pays respect to these ancient forms and their sacred functions. I strive to replicate the passing of centuries and the deconstructive forces of nature to produce glass objects that are raw, sculptural, and uncommonly beautiful."

Terra Thermal Signature Series
DISCONTINUED SERIES! Limited works available!Glass_Geodes.html
Cool Vases & VesselsVases_%26_Vessels.html

Bud vases with a personality. Perfect for showing off a flower in bloom or simply sitting around and adding a smile to your day.

Color Cane Bowls limited and captivating, the perfect conversation piece to add to any setting.

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