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Stephen Gartner & Danielle Blade

Stephen Gartner and Danielle Blade have combined their talents, expertise and individual ideas to create original works in blown and sculpted glass for more than a decade. Their work combines traditional hand blown techniques with innovative color application and original sculpting techniques. The inspiration for these pieces is rooted in nature and begins with their mutual fascination with the use of found objects from rituals in primitive cultures. In the following works they hope to convey a reverence for and an understanding of the value of our natural resources.

Wall & Table TopAmulet_Arbor_Sculptures.html
Strata & Batik Series,
White & Black Sargasso SeriesStrata_Batik_Series.html

The Strata Series is inspired by Stephen & Danielle's fascination with natural geologic formations. Starting with a dense background of rich opaque color, over which the design reminiscent of marble or rock strata is inlaid. Natural elements such as bone, antlers, wood, vines, fossils and rock formations have inspired their signature designs which include covered vessels and sculptural objects. Each piece is finished with a brilliant gold lip accent. All works are unique with their own very distinct characteristics.

Primitive SeriesPrimitive_Works.html
Studio WorksStudio_Works.html



Organic shapes and tactile sand etched surfaces combined with glossy jewel tone interiors create a stunning contrast in these elegant pieces.

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The Studio Works available make great gifts at great price points.

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