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Adam Kaser

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“I am inspired by the natural world that surrounds us. The ocean in particular captivates me; waves seem at times so smooth and gentle, yet full of raw power and determination. There lies beneath the surface a whole world unlike that which we experience everyday. This world is full of foreign species, both plant and animal, adorned in rich vibrant colors and patterns. My work is inherently about beauty, glass enables me to further embellish on the aesthetics found in nature, enhancing the look of things that already appeal to me for their exquisiteness.  Because I often focus on marine life and aquatic themes, the fluid movement of glass plays homage to the underwater world that I try to portray.” - Adam Kaser

Blown Glass Seashells by Adam are simply irresistible! Whelk, Triton and Bonnet Shells - pick up the perfect shell that you always wish you found along the beach! All glass and no paint! If you hold it up to your ear - you can hear the ocean!! Great souvenirs and gifts!

Gorgeous Sea Inspired Vases! Available in Frosted and UnFrosted Finishes.