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Collaborators Micheal Nourot and Ann Corcoran have been making works in glass since 1974. Glassmakers to Pope John Paul II, the US Air Force, US Presidents and widely collected by Fine Galleries, Museums and Corporations worldwide. Nourot Glass Studio is known for outstanding quality and value combined within vivid passionate colors and original designs. Every piece is a unique, original work. They are all completely hand formed at the bench and no two are ever exactly duplicated.

In the fall of 1971, Micheal Nourot was one of the first 16 students to attend Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, WA. The hitch was there was no school. No furnaces, no annealers, no classrooms—nothing. Some of the students turned tail and promptly left. Others moved into town and only came up to “work”. Micheal Nourot and a few others dug in and began to build. As part of the group working with Dale Chihuly, Pilchuck's founder, Mr. Nourot designed and helped to build the first overhead structure and furnaces there. From the Fall of 1972 to the Spring of 1973, Micheal Nourot studied at the famous Venini factory on Murano, Italy.

Only a few Americans had been allowed into the famed Venini

factory. The aristocratic owners and the gaffers were not interested in exporting their Venetian expertise through American college professors. They were wary of Americans. However, through persistence and hard work Micheal Nourot became accepted and “signed on” as a paid employee after his visiting welcome wore out. The introduction to factory life was no different for Micheal than the other apprentices. His job included being sent up the ladder with a huge gather of molten glass and pulling cane about 100 times a day. Through time, he was able to befriend the batch master, who after 300 years of his family passing along how to batch glass had no one to carry on the tradition. Micheal was able to learn from the master and he continues to batch glass in his California studio using the traditional Italian techniques. The results are truly stunning saturated colors unmatchable by any.

Ann Corcoran's formal glassblowing education began under the guidance of Marvin Lipofsky at the California College of Arts & Crafts. Ann graduated with a BFA in 1974. It was in the glass class that Ann met her future husband Micheal Nourot and apprenticed with him at his first studio. In ‘74 they formed a business partnership and later that year were married. She applied her many talents to the tasks of designing color patterns with enamels that would become part of their product line. Though her knowledge and enjoyment of the glassblower's art extends far beyond the production of actual glass. Most week days she is commonly spotted at the bench turning out pieces, and is often at the gallery on weekends. “I combine heat, light, color and energy while making the pieces; At the end, this frozen motion is what gives them life and magic.” ~ Ann Corcoran

During the early 1990’s, the studio began accepting interesting custom and corporate jobs. Nourot Glass Studio has enjoyed working for many distinguished and notable clients from U.S. Presidents to film makers and corporate clients. Bechtel Corporation gives an annual “Continuous Improvement” award created by the Nourot Studio. Many aerospace and communication technology companies have worked with the artists at the Nourot studio on unique pieces since then. These projects, which can often be for pieces which require months of research and many trials, have been a source of inspiration and design growth.

Inquire today about how to have the perfect piece made exclusively for you or an award or recognition created just for your company!

Shifting Sands is one of the newer finishes to emerge from the Nourot Studios in recent years. Neutral, warm and distinctive. A new twist on classic Nourot forms. All works from their studio are limited in production, these works are some of the most limited available.