Tom Stoenner Blown Glass

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Tom Stoenner has worked out of his studio in the scenic Hudson Valley for the past 30 years designing and creating exquisite glassware, vases & ornaments for the home. Each piece is individually crafted using tools and techniques that are centuries old. Though traditionally crafted, his work shows a contemporary sensibility. Key to Tom's success as a craftsman and small business owner is the dedication to the idea that using hand made objects can enrich our everyday lives. “I have always believed that things made by hand offered a shared experience between the maker and the user. A simple object can forge connections” - Tom

Marbro means "Marble" in Italian. This collection features deeply saturated jewel tones in Blues, Greens and Purples. The Luster Series is a series that emphasizes iridescent glass. The works are available in Pink, Green, Gold, Blue & Purple.  His iridescent vases have five to seven layers of powered color and chips with threads of clear glass on the outside with a titanium glaze luster. “It’s a dramatic process. There’s always something more - another skill I can learn. I have tandem things of expression as well as technical mastery. I’m going after both of them. “